Card holder (Sew yourself)

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Når du indtaster din ønskede tekst bliver teksten forhånds vist på nøgleringen på billedet, dette er et eksempel på hvordan den ser ud.

I virkeligheden kommer teksten til at blive præget ned i læderet med tryk, så teksten er mere holdbar.
Se sidste billede i galleriet, for at se hvordan en læder nøglering ser ud når teksten er præget i læderet

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Information om produktet:

Here you have the opportunity to personalize a gift for yourself or a loved one with a handmade leather card holder sewn by yourself

What is included in the package?

In this little DIY project, there are cut leather pieces, 2 needles and thread.

In the image archive here, you can see how the leather pieces must be sewn together. There are 5 pockets in this card holder and can hold 8 cards.

You can choose between 6 leather colors. The thread included matches the color of the desired leather.
If you want a special color thread, please write it in the comments field in the payment window

If you want to skip the learning process and just want a ready-made card holder, it can be ordered by clicking here


How long will it take before I receive my order?

Under normal circumstances, it takes:
1-2 days in production
1 day during delivery.

Up to major events such as Mother's/Father's Day and Christmas, there may be a few extra days of delivery time, as the post office delivers many packages in a short time.

If it is larger projects such as bags, knitted cases, there is a production time of up to 7 days. Since everything is produced in our own workshop near Nyborg and is handmade with needle and thread. ISLAND

Is there a physical store so you can see the leather products?

Yes, we have a physical store of 86 square meters in Hjulby near Nyborg.

Opening hours
Monday closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10-18
Friday 10 - 18
Saturday 10 - 18
Sunday Closed

Find us here: Odensevej 58 5800 Nyborg

Do you do repairs?

Yes we do.

We regularly have customers who call in and request a repair for, for example, a leather bag where the stitching has come undone, a piece of leather that needs to be renewed or that some completely new leather straps are needed

You are always welcome to call 61737009. Here you can send a picture of what needs to be done and based on that, we can give a price immediately.

If it is a price you want to approve, you can either send it to us at the address: Odensevej 58 5800 Nyborg or hand it in to the store, at the same address.

The story behind Læderfar

Welcome to my craft
I, Anne Sofie Tagesen, am the founder of the sole proprietorship Læderfar. Here, all crafts are made by hand by myself and other family members.
Danish ideas and Danish designs that you won't find anywhere else.

The inspiration behind leather father is a bit atypical of other start-up companies.
It came when my father was in prison when I was 18 years old. There he sat happily showing off his leather craft when I came to visit with my little daughter. I quickly found an interest in leather and went straight home and scoured pinterest for ideas.
Shortly after he was released, he was involved in a traffic accident that left him unable to live at home. So he moved to our house, where we both sat and worked with leather and he began to teach me the craft. So I started drawing sketches for my own bags, cut them out and started sewing them myself.
I posted them on my Instagram profile and interest in my bags spread quickly, as did my leather key rings.
It actually spread all the way to Germany, where I had my first large delivery of 300 leather key rings, as a start.
I started my webshop in August 2020 and it took off!
Politikken contacted me and wanted to write a story about me and my company, to which I of course agreed.
When the paper was published, it completely exploded, with several media outlets contacting me. I got a morning interview in Go´morgen P3, two pages in Hjemmet and an article in Alt for damerne.

But it wasn't just my craft they were interested in hearing about, they were also about my upbringing, how I fought my way up and broke the criminal pattern.
When I was a child, I was stuck in a home with drugs, alcohol and crime with my father. Today he put it all away and became clean for the first time in his life and has now been for 4 years and we have a fantastic relationship with each other. Today he helps me as much as he can in my little shop.

It was a completely honest story telling from me and how it all started. I look forward to accepting your orders